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glo lamps

If you’re looking for both simplicity and productivity, you can’t find anything better than Glo Lamps. The design is simple, but extremely ergonomic when it comes to lighting the room. No matter if you want to use it for your TikTok or YouTube videos, Glo can help you make all the things right.
Now, talking about the features, it is an adjustable lamp with brightness control and a smartphone holding compartment. It’s extremely lightweight and can be easily carried around in your bag. It offers 2 LED light mounts that offer a total of 2500LM luminance. In case you’re wondering, this luminance is more than enough to light your whole room.
Whether it’s beauty, content creation or photography, use Glo Lamps to illuminate every setting. Check out Glo Lamps Prices below.






Glo videos

Glo also features an adjustable power light option in the power supply box. For this, press the rotating arrow button under the supply box to switch between cool, balanced, and warm lighting. And lastly, you can also charge your phone via the USB cable connected to the power supply box. It offers enough features to make your TikTok experience from simple to awesome.

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